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Amalgam Collector Features

*Top Rated*..........................................99.9% Efficient

*All Models are ISO 11143 Certified & Meet ANSI/ADA Requirements

*Simple Operation*................Only Two Moving Parts

*Economical*............................A One Time Purchase

- No Replacement Cartridges Required
- No Filters To Change
- No Special Chemicals

Pricing and How To Order


*Designed by Dentists for Dentists. Purposely designed to have no on-going expenses.*

We offer a variety of sizes of amalgam separators that are adapted for either chairside/single operatory or central installations.

Units are sold in kit form for self-installation or the dental technicians can install the units for their dentists. Units come with complete owner's manuals for easy assembly and installation. R & D Services, Inc. or its contractors will assemble and install the units for you, if you prefer.

Transparent for easy monitoring of the liquid and sludge levels. Our amalgam separators work with either wet or dry suction systems.

We supply photos of typical installations.

"Capture and hold" design, which gives The Amalgam Collector the highest efficiency rating from ADA research.

The "batch process" means no need to worry about higher volume days. The units do not have a "flow rate" nor do they need one.

The separators are catergorized as Type 2. Their technique for capturing the amalgam waste is entirely sedimentation. The R & D Separators capture and hold the wastewater (for at least 8 hours), and they have a controlled release that can be accomplished with an automatic valve or with a manual valve.

Up to 4 times the sludge capacity of some competing units. Options for sludge disposal when needed include using the local hazardous waste company or one of the four nationwide mail away programs.

Efficient, inexpensive, easy installation, minimal moving parts to fail, low maintenance, failsafe design, several models to choose from, protects the environment.

Main components: Canister and lid, tube and valve for incoming materials, tube and valve for outgoing air, tube and valve for outgoing liquid, connecting tubing.

Typically, sludge disposal is not needed for 3 to 5 years!

Our warranty is valid regardless of who installs The Amalgam Collector.

Models for most clinic arrangements:

One To Six Rooms CE18 $875
Six To Ten Rooms CE24 $1295

Rated #1 In ADA Research Study
(Abstract 633, Journal of Dental Research, 2001, 80)

All Models ISO 11143 Certified

No Monthly Fees

No Hidden Costs

No Special Chemicals

No Major Investments

Buy Direct or From Your Local Distributor

Designed and produced by Dentists for Dentists...
Purposely designed to have no on-going expenses...
The intelligent solution for your compliance needs...

Thank You For Helping Keep Our Environment Clean!

Custom installations since 1995 ~ Self installation option ~ Easy weekly maintenance
Large sludge capacity (up to 4 times more) ~ 99.96% efficient (ADA Research)
Sizes to service 1 to 12 operatories or more ~ Prices start at $625

The Amalgam Collector™
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