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General Maintenance

Maintenance of The Amalgam Collector
Includes the Following 4 Steps:

  1. Liquid Level Maintenance

    For the Standard Model (manual decanting valves):
    When The Amalgam Collector™ is first installed it will be necessary to monitor the level of its contents at the end of each day to determine the average daily volume generated by the office. At this time a decision should be made as to whether there is sufficient space for the next day's collection. If there is space then the liquid evacuation can wait at least one more day. If not, allow the liquid to rest over night, and draw off the liquid the following (or any subsequent) morning. With experience the guidelines for the liquid evacuation can be developed.

    For the Enhanced Model (automatic decanting valve):
    This upgrade provides for hands-free decanting every morning when vacuum system is activated.

  2. Controling The Biological Component

    To control the biological component of the contents of The Amalgam Collector, we recommend adding a few ounces of a sterilant (your favorite active cold sterile solution) from the chairside 1 -2 times a week.

  3. Checking The Waste Level

    As The Amalgam Collector is used the sediments gradually fill the unit. Therefore, it is necessary to change the level of the liquid out tube at periodic intervals. The first height will allow 6 months of operation during which time the sedimentation rate can be determined. A typical rate of sediment buildup in a centrally located unit for a 4 chair office with hygiene is approximately ½" every six months. Therefore, we recommend that the outgoing liquid tube be raised ½" every 6 months.

  4. Removing The Amalgam Waste

    See detailed info..

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Rated #1 In ADA Research Study
(Abstract 633, Journal of Dental Research, 2001, 80)

All Models ISO 11143 Certified And Meet Additional ANSI/ADA Requirements

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Custom installations since 1995 ~ Self installation option ~ Easy weekly maintenance
Large sludge capacity (up to 4 times more) ~ 99.96% efficient (ADA Research)
Sizes to service 1 to 12 operatories or more ~ Prices start at $625

The Amalgam Collector™
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