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General Operation: Principles and Procedures

The basic idea of The Amalgam Collector
is to collect everything produced in the operatories, settle out the heavy solids, and release the excess (sediment free) liquid. Our weekly maintenance is so is too simple for us to even offer a maintenance contract.

The Four Basic Procedures Are:

  1. Collection:
    Collecting all materials produced during the chairside procedures, but allowing air to continuously pass through the unit.
  2. Observation:
    Monitoring the level of the liquid and of the sediment. The liquid will, of course, build up much faster than the sediment. Our units are clear so you can observe the amounts you are collecting. After six months, you might have 1/2 inch of sediment. You can then start to see the sediment level. You will be able to continuously see the level of the liquid collected.
  3. Sedimentation:
    Allowing sufficient time (typically overnight) for the heavy metal particles (sludge and dust) to settle out of the liquid. We included information regarding the emptying of the canister for sludge removal or the purchasing of a "change out" canister and lid set in the owners manual. Purchasing a new canister is optional, as there is nothing wrong with emptying the sludge into an approved bucket and putting the original canister back into use.
    Typically you will not need the sludge removed or a new canister for two to five years. We are just a phone call away if you need assistance or a review of the options when the time comes for sludge removal. There are several steps you can do yourself even with the disposal.
  4. Decantation: Manual or Automatic Valves Available

    Manual Valve Decantation:
    You will establish a routine for decanting the liquid (which builds up much faster than the sediment). When needed, you can easily decant off the liquid. Most offices decant once a week. The procedure involves turning two external valves, takes less than a minute, and is performed by dental assistants in most offices. It is important to note that the canister is never opened for the routine maintenance. Your regular vacuum system will draw off the collected liquid.

    - Automatic Valve Decantation:
    An Automatic Decanting Value can be ordered with new models or retrofitted on previously purchased, centrally installed models (CE18 & CE24). This valve automatically detects when the vacuum system has been off for eight hours or more. The next time the decanting process is turned on, the decanting process proceeds automatically. Price: $425 for retrofitting or as an upgrade feature on new purchases.

Further details of operation...



We have amalgam separation units that can be installed either in the operatory or centrally. We will gladly assist you in selecting the unit which best fits your needs and office set-up. The Amalgam Collector can service from one to twelve operatories. Our units can also be put in a series to handle larger offices.

Efficient, Economical, And Easy To Use

Rated #1 In ADA Research Study
(Abstract 633, Journal of Dental Research, 2001, 80)

All Models ISO 11143 Certified

No Monthly Fees

No Hidden Costs

No Special Chemicals

No Major Investments

Buy Direct or From Your Local Distributor

Designed and produced by Dentists for Dentists...
Purposely designed to have no on-going expenses...
The intelligent solution for your compliance needs...

Thank You For Helping Keep Our Environment Clean!

Custom installations since 1995 ~ Self installation option ~ Easy weekly maintenance
Large sludge capacity (up to 4 times more) ~ 99.96% efficient (ADA Research)
Sizes to service 1 to 12 operatories or more ~ Prices start at $625

The Amalgam Collector™
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